Vital Wheat Gluten Flour - Organic

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Organic Vital Wheat Gluten flour is specially milled wheat flour which is high in gluten and low in starch. The flour is used in combination with other flours in specialty breads where a strong structure is needed. It is also what is used to make vegetarian "steaks" or burgers.

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher

Country(s) of Origin: USA, Australia, Canada

How to Use:

Gluten flour, added to other flours in bread recipes, gives the dough extra elasticity and protein, resulting in a finer quality bread. When using gluten flour for this purpose use 1 Tbsp. or less per cup of other flour. Gluten flour can also be used to make "gluten steaks," a meat alternative. These are made by mixing the gluten flour (1 cup) with cold water (3/4 cup), cutting the dough into slices and then boiling in broth one hour.

Organic vital wheat gluten flour (CONTAINS WHEAT)