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Azure is introducing several new varieties of flour from our heritage varieties of wheat. If you want to bake a fantastic loaf of rustic, artisan bread, this is the flour for you.

Azure Market Organics Unbleached Bread Flour Ultra-Unifine Organic is an unbleached flour and has an off-white appearance but as it ages will continue to dull in appearance. Due to the nature of the Unifine process the nutrition of the whole grain is not lost. This unbleached flour has been sifted to remove the largest particles from the whole grain Unifine flour meaning that the larger sharp-edged bits of bran are removed. 

In Azure’s Unifine process, the entire bran, germ, and endosperm of the grain are processed into a nutritious whole grain flour in one step. Instead of crushing or cutting the grain like a typical commercial roller mill, the Unifine process uses a high-speed rotor to instantly pulverize the kernels of grains, leaving the oils undamaged by heat. And there’s no added water, so the flour has a longer shelf life.

  • Organic

Country(s) of Origin: USA.

How to Use:

This bread flour is great for breads, rolls, pizza crusts, and more.

Organic hard red spring wheat (CONTAINS WHEAT)